142. What is Meekness?

According to Seeds of Kingdom, Jan 2020, "meekness is a character quality which comes from Jesus Himself. He was bold, powerful and strong and yet He showed self control and was quiet when falsely accuse before Pilate. He showed respect toward Pilate because of his position of authority." Jesus spoke the absolute truth to him, wasn't frightened and didn't get angry at the horrendous injustice He was about to experience.

Meekness is about being humble in the heart. It's about being able to respond instead of reacting, being respectful instead of arrogant, being gentle and in control instead of showing pride and contempt. It's not about being weak or powerless. It's about being "gentle and humble in heart" as in Matthew 11:29. There was no false modesty in Him.

It's easy to be meek; gentle and humble in your heart, when things go your way. When it comes to sudden and unexpected aggression in front of you, it is much, much harder. How do you feel when someone cuts you off while driving, honks the horn and curses at you? Just imagine what challenges they had in their day! You decide ahead of time how you will act when things like this happen, when it suddenly happens to you, you respond instead of reacting.

When we experience meekness in another person, we realize their actions are intentional, respectful and humble. Humbleness is chosen, not forced. It comes from a place of power, not weakness. The humble has chosen this behaviour rather than reacting to another's weakness. Meekness is wisdom and the expression of love for another in its finest form.

Psalm 37:11 states "the meek will inherit the land and enjoy great peace." God delights in your humility and lack of pride. The outcome of meekness is God will elevate you for acting more like Jesus. Its a quality you and I need to strive prayerfully for.

No, it's not easy. I have failed often. It's what is being asked of us believers. Jesus modeled this to us. We need to model same. Go forward in meekness in your warrior suit! Please mark "like" if you liked this post and contact for counselling. Blessings!