140. Does God have a Sense of Humour?

Does God actually have a sense of humour? I've seen a great deal of it starting in Genesis. It was God who created hippopotamuses, giraffes with their long necks, monkeys with their endearing features, parrots with their funny sounds, boars with their characters, as well as countless others; big or small, long or short, different types, snouts, colors, shapes, sizes or odours. Wonder what He thoughts and saw when He created a skunk or a porcupine? His humor draws you and I to wonder of the beauty of His creation, (you!) yet we pinch our noses and run quickly away when other unlovely (to us) creations (warthog) are even near.

His most valuable creation is you. He wants to have a loving relationship with you. He wants to spend eternity with you! He created you different than anyone else; with unique character, personality and features. You are like other humans and yet so different from anyone else. That's what His love created. He also created a sense of humour in you.

What does this all mean? Scripture shows God is love. He invites you to know Him. He is also three-in-one, infallible and transcendent. When you see Him as the Father who loves His creations - "I am who I am," Exodus 3:14, His love invites you to be His Bride, lover and His friend. God also comforts and consoles you when you need it. Lean on Him!

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