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137. Are You Hard Hearted?

I recently watched a YouTube video of a wild moose who got stuck in the wires as he was trying to cross a fence. The wire got stuck around his neck. Onlookers tried to help. The moose was so frightened and stubborn that despite the gravity of where he was, he turned his gigantic antlers aggressively towards them and fought all attempts to help him. The scene lasted for hours. Many onlookers tried to help. Not until a wildlife Biologist arrived and sedated the gigantic animal, were the attempts at freeing him successful.

Seen any hard hearted people lately? People who stuck their noses where they should not have, all because of their pride and lack of knowledge. Are you one of those? I most certainly have been. That behaviour hasn't left me feeling proud.

This hard-nosed, prideful world is the one God loves; we are His children - His creation. We truly stick our noses where we shouldn't, comment thoughtlessly, act in a hurtful way and then - on top of it all, deny our actions. God sees it and it grieves Him. He loves. He pursues. He forgives. All we need to do is ask. He wants to remake us like Him - to have a soft heart.

The choice is yours. Your heart can be softened and opened when you take it to the Father. If you would like private online discussion to support with what's currently going on for you, all you need to do is contact through the Facebook. Blessings, warrior!