135. How to Learn Forgiveness

As you are living your adult years, you may find yourself living with resentment and bitterness towards people who hurt you in the past. You may see pictures in your mind that make you shudder. Those painful memories continue because you have been living with unforgiveness of the trauma someone else caused.

You may have tried to forgive him, her or them and yet still react emotionally when something reminds you of 'that' in the past. You may notice becoming defensive with my suggestions. Your heart, then, has become hardened with your anger as you have hung onto the pains of the past. Does it have to be this way? You can choose differently!

Have you noticed a person you know who is miserable and bitter? You may notice this and yet have avoided saying so. Your doubts could be for a fear of their retaliation.

Forgiveness does not mean that they have been released from their sins. It simply means you, personally, will no longer choose to hold onto your past and let it affect you. Giving this painful memory over to God allows you to free yourself from it. Memories of it will remain. What you are letting go of is anger and bitterness. Pray for the gift of being released!

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