133. It's Never too Late for a New Beginning

Ever had one of those surprises you often dream about; perhaps an excellent outcome in an exam that got you forward in life; being in the right place at the right time and receiving a surprise miracle; hearing a positive report from a Doctor instead the dreaded one; or miraculously surviving an accident? These are the second chances in life!

Conversely, there are many individuals still seeking their second chances. You can help these broken souls! O.S. Hawkins, in Faithgateway, Dec 30, 2019, stated "our job is to find those broken people who need a second chance." You can help ready these souls in receiving their second chance in life by opening up about accepting God's will in your life and miraculously overcoming - by His grace. Let me give you an example of God in the restoration business.

Wendy left home when she graduated. Wendy grew up in a broken family, having many adverse childhood experiences; she suffered from alcoholism, through her believer father, who was a war veteran. She also suffered from a divorced family, severe neglect, abuse and sexual abuse. Wendy's broken past showed through her demeanour, as well as her wild parties, her alcoholism and her overall negativity.

Wendy's restoration began with her son when he was was eight years old. It started in small increments. The son heard christian music and was drawn to its peaceful and harmonious melody. He introduced this music to his parents, and soon they listened to it. Their son's innocence and love produced a draw and an interest in christian music. The family of three became believers in a matter of weeks. They received guidance, friendship and support from other Christians around them as they increased their understanding about being believers. After much more healing, they are now pillars in their community and workplace.

You and I can to do the same for broken people needing second chances. They need to hear it's never too late for a new beginning. You are urged to follow this example! Please mark "like" if you liked this post, share freely and contact for counselling. Blessings, overcomer!