131. Lonely? Don't Let Your Loneliness lead to Bitterness

In this time of great turmoil due to the pandemic affecting us worldwide, most of us are requested to isolate. Catastrophic concerns may follow as the media shows endless deaths and cases being brought forth. Even the most vulnerable among us have been hit as the virus has been spread into nursing homes.

You may be lonely. You may feel abandoned and fearful. Timothy felt the same way in 2 Timothy 4:16 "At my first defense no one stood with me." Paul was on a trial against the Roman authorities. No one was there to support him in any way. Paul chose to look at the feelings of abandonment through the eyes of his Father "May it not be charged against them." Paul chose understanding instead of bitterness.

During this time of isolation it is easy to become bitter. You are lonely, fearful, bored and there seems to be no end to the isolation. Fear will increase your doubts. Bitterness will lead to more isolation and loneliness as it is self-inflicted. These feelings lead you to become hard of heart and depressed. No one wants a complainer or a cynic, or be around an angry, negative person. Bitterness worsens your loneliness for it perpetuates it.

It's important for you to deal with your hurts through prayer and sharing them with trusted others. Deal with your fluctuating emotions by sharing them with God, who offers encouragement and direction through the Bible to deal with many emotions, including fear and abandonment. Dealing with your emotions this way will encourage sharing with others similarly affected, as then you are modeling a solution instead of dwelling in fear and negativity.

Please read psalm 91 daily to adopt the strength required in this time of uncertainty. Also, please mark "like" if you liked this post and share freely. Blessings, warrior!