129. How can You Define Your Boundaries?

What does defining boundaries mean? When you set your boundaries, they will define you! They define what is and is not yours, where you begin and where someone else does. This kind of definition is that of ownership. Knowing what you own, and are taking responsibility -all aspects of it, leads you to freedom. That's easier written than done. You also need to deal with what's in your soul. Boundaries will define what is not your property and what you are not responsible for. You are not responsible for other people, for example.

Defining boundaries also means you carry your own responsibilities. This insistence of denying responsibility stemmed at first from Adam's blame of Eve taking the apple. The second written one was their two sons with Cain stating to the Lord that 'I am not my brother's keeper,' as in Cain after killing Abel in Genesis 4:1-16. Please read this section! God wanted Cain to take responsibility for what he did. Instead, Cain took a bondage God never intended by denying his crime in front of the Maker. He tried to alleviate his responsibility from his brother's death. Cain defined his poor boundaries by lying to the Maker. In the Boundaries, p.33 states "we are expected to deal with our own feelings, attitudes, and behaviors, as well as the responsibilities God has given each one of us, even though it takes effort." Boundaries can keep the good stuff in and leave the bad out.

Boundaries can truly define your treasures. You need fences and gates within them. Imagine you playing in your backyard with your loved ones and noticing your neighbors child was in serious trouble. You would immediately leap over and help him or her out. Those boundaries you had would be broken for a life-giving need. This would not mean you would jump over the fence for anything else, unless needed for life-giving measures.

More on boundaries in the next blog. Blessings, warrior!