127. What are Your Property Line Boundaries?

In the last blog you read about how to create your boundaries. Those boundaries can include everything you are responsible for and what you love and care for. You were created by love and with a plan by God. You learned through the Bible to love and honor what He created. This plan includes you as His special creation! Our discussion proceeded with your personal responsibilities of and to you, and what you hold dear.

The boundaries discussed today are that of skin, words, truth, physical space, time, emotional distance, other people and consequences. These messages are based on you wanting a healthy relationship with a loved one. All the information given are based on the book Boundaries, written by Drs. Cloud and Townsend.

Skin: Use self-respecting, clear words of what you will or will not do. Do not argue or give into any demands. For example; "I do not want to be touched."

Words: Plan your words and be fully clear. Don't be passive. Use 'yes' and 'no' statements, such as " I will not do this."

Truth: Absolute honesty is always the best way. Start with "I" words instead of "you" words as those sentences usually become accusatory. "I want you to stop touching me."

Physical space: let him or her know you need time apart. Be truthful and even let your hurt be shown. Honesty is the absolute best policy. "I want to be alone now."

Time: This allows you to begin the stage of healing. It will take a while to heal. Don't rush the process.

Emotional distance: This gives you breathing space and allows you to see if the other person is willing to change.

Other people: Look for support especially if you are nervous about confronting the other person whom you are planning a discussion with. For example, AA has support groups as do many other organizations. Seek support and connect with me through the Facebook for counselling!

Consequences: Inform the other person very clearly and kindly of the consequences that will follow if they do not control themselves. They do have full control and responsibility over these consequences based on their own actions.

Modeling your own actions of boundaries will increase your own self-worth. Please provide feedback by marking "like" if you liked this blog and share freely. Blessings, warrior!