120. Self-care. How Do You Love Yourself???

The last blog was written about compassion fatigue and how it affects your life with the stress is imparts. You learned about resilience and its positive affect on you. Yet there is much more to it than that. Things don't work well when you are tired and worn. There are also self-care examples for you to adopt and use in order to show your best self to your loved ones and to your work.

Physical self-care can be a very normal part of your daily routine. In order to maintain your best self, eat regularly and in a healthy manner. Get good sleep, stretch and get massages, take a break from all your devices and take care of your own needs; all to promote longevity, maintain good health and increase your wellbeing.

Psychological self-care involves being able to self-reflect and meditate on what you value; write a journal, read a good book, be aware of your stressors, find help, lean on others and take breaks to restore yourself. Say "no" to extra responsibilities. Find time for humor and laughter. Giggle all you want!

Balancing your life with your family, work, responsibilities, play and rest are crucial for self-care; they are truly a part of loving yourself!

Emotional self-care is about spending quality time with those you treasure. You can seek out experiences that provide joy and happiness that benefit all those involved.

Spiritual self-care means finding time to reflect; spending time in nature, and choosing to focus on the wonders of God's creation. Take time to play with kids, sing, play and read inspirational literature. Sing your heart out!

Workplace or professional self-care means to choose to take breaks, to connect with other co-workers, to avoid isolation, and assure your space is comfortable and enjoyable. Self-care also means to receive regular supervision, support and consultation.

These are issues all of us know are crucial and yet often consider non-essential.

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