119. Stress Management

Work doesn't keep you up each night, yet worrying about it does. In many careers, compassion fatigue is a reality. What does this mean? You become worn and tired over the demands placed on you; too many demanding too much of you on any given day. You actually no longer care about the individuals you are working for or with: i.e., you are a doctor/nurse or a pastor and no longer care for your patients or your congregation. You cannot give up your career for your life depends on your income you provide for you and your family.

The Bible encourages you not to worry; "Don't worry about anything" (Phil 4:6). Easier said than done. Worry is unreasonable in itself, for it wears you. You cannot change anything by worrying about it. It's unnatural, unnecessary, unhelpful. Proverbs 14:30 states "A peaceful heart leads to a healthy body." Strong statement! Not until I recognized this part of myself, did I choose to do something about it. I could not change my past. I wanted to have a positive outlook for my present and my future.

Learning resilience is the key. What is resilience? It's about developing toughness to recover quickly from difficulties. It's about being able to bounce back from someone spewing their hurts; hitting, swearing and cursing. It's about learning to use tools to ease my work and life in a manner the Lord desired.

How did I begin? First of all, on a personal level, by sharing my exhaustion with others and leaning on the words of the Bible to guide me: 1 Peter 5:7 " You can throw your whole weight of your anxieties upon Him, for you are His personal concern." When the realization of the verse came upon me, I chose to throw my worries onto the Father. The more I released, the better I felt. I knew my Father could handle anything. My trust and my eagerness to talk to my Creator increased in the process.

Secondly, self-care is crucial - an absolute priority, for it allows you to function. Self-care sustains us! Please assure you read the next blog about self-care!

There's much more to this process. I have compiled extensive information and developed presentations that examine, explore and help free the sufferer from compassion fatigue. If interested, please just ask. Please mark "like" if you liked this post, contact for counselling and share freely. Blessings, warrior!