117. Face Your Feelings so You Can Be Free

Have you ever dropped a can of pop and then opened it shortly after? Messy, isn't it? It needs to have time to settle from its fizz before being opened.

This mess is akin to the feelings you face when you are wounded. Denying their existence is akin to opening a pressurized can before it explodes. Those feelings need to be broached carefully. That is the first stage of healing. Hidden wounds left unchecked will wear you out. They need to be exposed to God and to another, trusted person in order to heal.

Many people skip steps to their healing. It simply doesn't work. Admitting to feeling pain is an essential part of healing. God gave you feelings and your healing depends on it. James 5:16 states "Confess your trespasses to one another, and pray for one another, that you may be healed." Facing and releasing them, in a careful manner, provides freedom. Invaluable!

If you choose to use all your emotional energy to cover up your past, you will have very little left for today. It's vital to open up, talk about your pain and release the struggle you have to someone. God knows all your secrets. He asks you to express; speak up and share through His words on His book. By confessing your pain, you'll experience a release and a huge relief from the heaviness you have experienced for so long. Invaluable!

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