116. From Hurts to a Grateful Heart

Choose to begin each day with a grateful heart. Heart that chooses to love yourself. Heart that chooses to be kind. Heart that chooses to be open to others. That is easier said than done.

You may have been hurt. Hurt badly. You will never let go of your hidden wounds until you face your feelings directly by admitting them to, first of all, to God, to yourself and to a trusted other person. Admitting your hurts and pain to others is truly essential to healing.

You may try to move past your own pain by admitting them to God and to yourself, and overlooking the importance of speaking out your own pain. Admitting your past pain to others is truly essential to inner healing. Getting better depends on it! James 5:16 states "Confess your trespasses to one another and pray for one another, that you may be healed." It's essential so you can be free. It's time to let go. The Bible tells you so.

Take that crucial step. That step frees you. You can share your hurts and your hidden pain and uncertainty. Imagine - just imagine the feeling of released and freed from the weight of your past. ... Confess your trespasses ... so that you may be healed. That journey is truly worth it!

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