114. No Consolation Prize

Consolation. What does the word it actually mean? According to the dictionary, it's the comfort received by a person after a loss or disappointment. We all have experienced disappointments. In this holiday season, it can be little things that trigger overwhelming past pain and disappointing encounters - even celebrations and received gifts may trigger you.

James 1:4 states "But let patience have her perfect work, that ye maybe perfect and entire, wanting nothing." This verse invites patience in. Patience to wait. Patience to understand the Lord's healing within you. Patience to remain silent as you lean on the Lord in midst of chaos. Patience to continue in the midst of chaos. Patience allows you to be consoled. Patience invites the Holy Spirit in to begin the task of consolation within you.

You don't like the waiting part. Neither do I. If you let the patience have its perfect work in you, you'll be able to remain steady instead of emotionally fluctuating. You'll learn how to trust the King instead of taking over His task.

Wanting nothing. Patience is no consolation prize; it's an earned prize as you mature in the Lord. It's an invaluable power that allows you to connect with the Father. It's the power in Him that's given to you as the child of the King. You can sense His presence. What a prize!

Patience makes you a winner. It puts God within your reach. It's a force that's undeniable. Well worth pursuing.

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