111. Will You Make a Difference Today?

Today I will make a difference. I will have a positive attitude about the challenges I face. I will think through and respond to others instead of reacting. I will not talk about others, behind their back or in a negative fashion. I will read the required reading / fulfill the task I have put off / cook that healthy meal, and top if off by exercising. Easier said than done.

I will spend precious time with whom I consider is my family. The quality - and not the quantity of it will make a difference. Just loving, supporting, validating, encouraging, and truly listening will make a loving change in their conduct and their world. What if today was the last time you saw them?

You are the product of your own thoughts. When your thoughts turn to life-giving actions, gratitude, compassion and empathy, will be your companions and victory will be the hallmark of your tasks? Use the time given as a precious gift.

You are certainly free to choose your actions. You, most certainly, are not free from the consequences of those choices. Choose wisely as you lay it down for the Lord to guide you lovingly forward.

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