110. Let Faith, Not Fear, Rule Your Heart

To have a fresh start in your life means having to face your fears. That's what happened in Jessie's life. Jessie, at age 36 years, was facing the battle of her life. Jessie struggled to contain her immense grief as she spoke of what just transpired in her life. She and her husband were well educated and living a financially successful life with dual income until "the bottom fell through" when she found out about her husband's affair with her previous best friend. Jesse had just returned back to work after a year on maternity leave for their second child. She was tired and focused on adapting to her working life once again. Exhaustion with her life with two little children, her husbands business practices and demands of life had taken a toll with her. Her inner pain with the resent event was quickly turning to hostility and bitterness. Resentment had taken a firm hold of her.

Jessie was listened to, supported and received validation for her pain. Jessie spoke of her feelings of hurt and condemnation. She learned how much the devil whispers into ears with questions of self-worth while diminishing all hope through thoughts of hostility and rejection. Bitterness and rejection. Are you there of have you been there?

Jessie learned something brand new. Jessie learned how fear affects self and others. She learned of the enemy's destructive ways to bring fear into lives. Jessie ALSO learned how she has a choice to respond to her circumstances with faith.

Responding to circumstances of an affair is heart-breaking. The affair may bring in a marriage breakdown as it destroys the biblical covenant the relationship was based on. You will react with bitterness, anger, and you will grieve, but you can also choose to go forward in prayer with God. There will be tremendous hurts and needs will arise. You can rely on Him as you trust His guidance and love to bring you forward in your life. This often means He will guide you to the right people and circumstances.

Jessie turned 40 years now. After a separation and much counselling, the couple is, fortunately, now living together as a family again. They both strengthened their beliefs, committed themselves and Jessie's husband took accountability for his affair, spoke openly about it and re-committed his life to the covenant of marriage again. He agreed and now has accountability partners; two older committed men who provide life-giving messages of strength and resilience to him.

This story had a happy ending. As your story unfolds, have faith in the Creator as you lean on His Diving guidance and direction.

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