109. Today's Thoughts are Tomorrow's Actions

How is that possible? Like a dump-truck, life has a way of dumping rubbish and taking your life. In, around, beside, on top of you; it's all there for the world to see.

What's the rubbish around you? Is it being more or less than you ideal weight, education, family, location, income or financial state; the list is endless. Is it unloading you with blame, pessimism, hostility, constant demands? What about resentment leading to isolation?

Today's thoughts are truly tomorrows actions. Low self-worth often end up in withdrawing from others. Angry outbursts resulting in an end of a relationship. Domestic abuse causes devastation and likely a criminal record. Loneliness leading to isolation. Depression leading to suicidal ideation. The list goes on. What's in yours?

You are not a victim of your thoughts. That's where your choice comes in. Choosing to think God's way leads to everlasting life. 1 Corinthians 13:5 "Love keeps no records of wrongs." What this means is when your mind is on God and the love He provides, your actions reflect His thoughts, which centers on the giving of life. Will the Creator hold onto you through your downpour of His love and grace? Absolutely and always! It's your choice again.

There is a choice for your thoughts. Choose ones leading to love and life! Please mark "like" if you liked this post and share freely. Blessings!