107. How important it is to have your past exposed, harvested and healed?

Are there moments in your life you want to forever hold onto and remember? Are there other moments you never wish to return to? It was like that for David, the psalmist, as well. David was close to God, treasured his presence and spoke with him through the psalms we have read.

David saw a beautiful Bathsheba bathing, had her brought to him, committed adultery with her and had her husband killed. Pride entered through him. He wanted to cover his sin.

David found out there was nothing hidden from God. God exposed his sin through Nathan the prophet. Bathsheba became pregnant through this adultery and soon lost her son as God told David he would. David's sin of adultery was exposed and their young son, their treasure taken. There was nowhere to hide.

David soon found out God is also a God of healing. David's past did not define his future. God still loved him. God also knew until his past was exposed and healed he would live his life in shame. Shame. Does that word resonate with you?

David chose to trust. "Search me, know my heart, test me and see if there is anything in me that offends You." David prayed through humility that arose from his realization of his sin against the all-knowing, all-powerful God. Praying like this releases the power of healing from the Father. God exposed David's sin, harvested him as David became humbled by his sin and healed him through His mercy and love.

Truly knowing you are loved is one of the most healing experiences you can ever know! It clears and releases the pains from the past and allows you to hear God with a clean heart. Trust in Him and allow Him to show the path and lead the way for you.

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