106. Suffering Through Setback? Don't Get Bitter, Get Better

Sally spoke of her childhood in the counselling session. She spoke of her sinister past marked by many sexual assaults, incest, the continual violence and deaths she witnessed without past support or understanding of their significance to her. Sally's interpretation of the event was created by the immature words she placed together.

Sally spoke of a memorable event when she sang "Pippi Longstocking" to a group of adults who clapped and told her she was cute. Sally continued her story and then stated "in the middle of the song I felt the drums drumming." She finished her show with the appreciative crowd, and then rushed outside. She knew what the drums meant. They meant she would hear them louder and faster in her head. Sally knew when the drums became fast enough she would need to sleep and would fall down. Her adult self interpreted the drums to mean a panic attack, which grew to a point of hyperventilation, which then resulted in fainting. Sally stated she just slept until she was ready to move. Sally spoke of her reality of needing to fall down outside in order to avoid being assaulted again.

Sally spoke of being a happy child and 'switching' onto a 'different' me when bad things happened. It was vital for Sally to be accepted and loved by someone. She chose to have a happy person in front of others and the sad one just went 'off when drums were drumming.'

The example I gave of Sally is an extreme one. It explains how a child would make her way when there seems to be no way. Sally released her pain by listening to the drums and fainting without any understanding of it. She chose joy despite all the confusion in her life she have words to describe. It was a choice she made. Sally chose joy.

What about you? Your thoughts determine your destination. They can become your direction. Choose to go forward in the Creator's power and adopt an attitude of an over-comer! It will change your eternal destiny! Choose joy!

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