104. How is Your Trust?

Mark 9:14 states "I do believe; help me overcome my unbelief!" In all honesty, I often live somewhere between belief and unbelief of what's coming in front of me. There are times I'm certain of things to come. There are more times of hesitation, uncertainty and frustration. I'm certainly not proud of it. The more disappointments I have faced, the more calculative I have become. Yet, I have chosen to believe and often repeat the verse above.

The amazing part of this is the reality God will not hold my unbelief against me. He accepts even a small level of trust and limited faith. He accepts my struggle to believe, to hope and to trust. He knows all my fears and will not hold them against me. He knows my hesitation and my unbelief and still loves me. He still loves me with all my questions and my limited faith. Have you been there or are you there now?

The Lord knows your struggles. He will not wait until you are certain of your beliefs. He works with small mustard seeds all the time. When you trust Him, He is an expert at making those small seeds grow and flourish.

The biggest part for me was to lean on Him with my limitations. He brought forth the answers, assured me and allowed me to go forward - with struggles, unbelief and uncertainty. He will do the same for you, if you allow Him to. He is asking you to believe in Him, limitations and all. Are you ready to take the step of faith? His love is incalculable.

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