102. Shipwrecked In a Storm?

It is possible to loose our lives and keep our souls. You can choose to have strength to survive spiritually through 'a shipwreck.' Whether it is a death, illness, a car accident, a divorce, past abuse, incest, the choice is fully yours. Storm will come. Your faith in the storm will allow you to conquer the obstacles present and strengthen your resolve to proceed. Proceed onward regardless of the pain surrounding you - in and through you.

Peter provided very good example. Peter disowned Jesus by denying Him. He was forewarned by Jesus who said He prayed for him. Satan wanted to confuse and break down all of His disciples. Jesus knew this and strengthened and prepared them for the storm due to His crucifixion. The storm they then experienced was that of bitter tears, regret and psychological torture - that would eat them alive without support.

Even if you fall, your faith doesn't have to. Read this again! You can choose not to disrupt the grace the Lord gave you. That grace is unsinkable. Unsinkable with whatever you are dealing with. Deeper love, richer life and more integrated life awaits you on the other side of failure. That's what Peter learned when Jesus, after His ascension, asked Peter whether he loved Him; three times! Peter found out - even when he was shipwrecked, that he was loved, forgiven and restored. Jesus lifted him from his shame and restored him to be the disciple he was. That is what He wants to do with you. Resilience through restoration.

Will you choose to go forward with the fruits of the Spirit? Joy, peace, love, hope, serenity, humility, kindness, benevolence, empathy, generosity, truth, compassion and faith, are all for the taking. Regardless of the storm in and around you.

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