98. Who Do You Follow?

We are all busy. It seems there are too many tasks to do in a single day. Often the Lord is placed on the back burner. When He is ignored, the only way He can get His rightful attention from you is when the other burners no longer function.

That's what happened to Ann. Ann was comfortably living her life as a believer. She had a high income and enjoyed many luxuries in addition to her busy existence. Ann went out to eat with friends couple of times weekly, had an active social life, took lessons from a prestige location and enjoyed her life; her new car, her luxury home, her own appearance and her many competitions and sports activities.

It all came crashing down for Ann. Her marriage fell apart and her husband filed for divorce. She lost her job with its high income. Initially she survived with her savings. Near the end of it all she found work for a short-time period. Ann became desperate. Lonely, depressed, and withdrawn, bitterness embraced and took a firm hold of her. Hostility rose to the surface as she was determined she wasn't going to get hurt again.

Ann began to think about ending her life. She felt that was the only way out for her. Ann created a plan after carefully analyzing her surrounding. Little by little, she gave all her precious items away to her family. The day before her plan was to take place and after she closed accounts and postal boxes, she walked past a barber shop and sat down due to her tiredness. There was a discussion she heard between a barber and a man she thought was a Pastor. They were chatting about the verses in John 10:27-28 "My sheep hear my voice, and I now them, and they follow me. I give them eternal life, and they will never perish, and no one will snatch them out of my hand." My sheep hear my voice, I give them eternal life...

Ann knew this wasn't true to her life. Her back was against the wall and she wanted out. She existed now in the shadow of death and was ready to go. She never wanted to think where she was heading to. Yet the thoughts embraced and surrounded her.

The Pastor voice was heard by her. "there we can live under His care and protection," he continued. Ann felt glued to her seat. She had a large bottle of pills at her bedside. "There we can live in the fullness of His promises." Ann fell to her knees in desperate sobs. Both men rushed out due to the commotion. The Pastor sensed where Ann was at. He comforted her, she opened up and spoke of her sorrows. Ann learned about the fullness of the promise of the Father. She learned the Father knew her desperate state, grieved for her and wanted her to realize she is "a child of God." As she was stabilized and had received the support she needed, she was ready to live again. Her tears were drowned in His perfect love. Yours are too.

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