97. How does Shame Work in Your Life?

Shame. What happens when you receive frequent applause, validation and encouragement and then someone places one word of criticism you way? Which words do you remember; the criticism or the praise?

How do you identify with the question asked? I just finished telling a friend about someone reaching out to befriend me on Facebook. I still continue feeling the hurt from something that happened by his actions - 21 years ago! The serpent endlessly whispered in my ear the words he said. I did not stop it and I allowed it to affect me. The serpent cranked up the voice of condemnation to me and I accepted it. The Father's voice was there to comfort and love me during this time, but I chose not to hear it. I ignored His voice and took on the shame instead. I jumped inside the pool of nothingness and pretended it was over. It certainly wasn't.

Ephesians 4:15 encourages us to "... speaking the truth in love....". What other voice do you hear? Do you want to listen to our Father's voice of grace, mercy, pardon and freedom or the voice of shame from our enemy? To listen and take in is a choice within us all.

Can we take our eyes and heart off of the voice who brings shame and accusations? We all need the loving, encouraging and gentle support and guidance of the Father; and especially so during the times we are attacked. No more hiding, withdrawal, self-defense or stuffing needed.

To speak courage to someone who needs it is to place healing words into their soul. When you speak words of love for others, you will receive the same in return. Words of love that matter - you are loved, you are important, you are made in the image of God, the Father loves you so that He gave up His only son to die for you. You are so beautiful in and to Him. Will you please forgive me? I forgive you.

Words of love replace shame and enable inner healing and worth to grow and flourish. Will you be the one loving others the way you desire to be loved?

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