95. What Defines Complex Trauma?

Complex trauma. We are living in a culture where tragedies occur all around us with far reaching effects. Does the trauma occur by being near it? It can. All of us see devastating consequences of this in the media daily. Does it occur or even reoccur when you are in danger or perceived danger? Yes. How are you affected by it? What was the effect of it as a child for you? What about the consequences of living in it?

Complex trauma involves repetitive, prolonged or cumulative, intentional damage that occurs at a vulnerable time or age in the victims life. It's emotionally and physically devastating to a small child and it alters or ceases development. Complex issues arise out from it. Child's brain is unable to grow in a normal manner. If it's an adult dealing with severe trauma without an ability to release pain in a normal manner, mental, emotional and physical health is altered or damaged. Look around you or in the mirror for there are many individuals going through hell in the privacy of their being. Is it you or your loved one?

If you or someone you love is dealing with it, refuse to minimize or ignore it! You, as a believer can soar when you choose to heal! Find a Counsellor to validate and support you, for you cannot do this on your own. Pain has a voice and it needs to be expressed through words in order to leave it behind. Sorrow needs to be expressed in order to be recognized and for the sake of inner healing. Trauma will stay with and within you until it's released. The past will remain present until dealt with.

There was a lady who came to counselling. She released tremendous pain and sorrow from her past trauma, 80 years later! How long do you want the pain to last? 80 years? Just Imagine! She lived and processed life through the sorrowful eyes of a sexually abused child until healed. Is it worth it to live only partially because of the pain in your past?

Refuse to be a victim. Deal with your pain and then model your healing to encourage the healing of others. Please mark "like" if you liked the post and share freely. You can connect through the Facebook for counselling. Blessings, warrior!