93. Do you want continual mercy?

If you want continual mercy you will want to give Him continual grace, recognition, and appreciation for what's happening in your life because you are your Father's child. John 15:5 beautifully states "I am the vine, you are the branches. He who abides in Me, and I in him, bears much fruit; for without Me you can do nothing." Abiding is life-giving.

This invitation from the Lord requires continual connection our Father. In Lucy's case, that is what she needed and desired. Lucy was just released from a half-way house, where she fled to with her two young children after surviving another beating by her partner. Lucy and her children spent months learning how to be safe. Her children went to a different school than before and after Lucy's hospital stay, she spent time in daily meetings with a group of women in similar position and in weekly counselling.

Mercy is what she also needed. Grace was what she was beginning to learn. Since Lucy had lived much of her life in fear, she had become controlling and broken and needed mercy for herself. She was so used to being hard on herself. Lucy now realized through counselling she was hard on her children as well. Lucy wanted to learn grace. Through loving approaches modeled for Lucy, she began to learn to model the love she received.

Lucy's and her children's lives changed for the better when she learned to model generosity with her love. Her family became a unit when Lucy involved herself with joy in her children's play, connecting with them in a deep level as a 'fun' mother to her children.

What was needed are connection, generosity, contentment and grace. The Father is delighted to give all those to whoever asks; and that is the value of receiving Mercy. Connect for counselling when in need, and mark 'like" and share if you liked this post. May you be blessed in your journey!