92. Are Your Relationships Healthy? Is it about More of You Lord, and Less of Me?

What kind of relationships have most enduring power? When you plant seeds of gentleness and caring, you will reap your rewards by the love around you. When you plant seeds of constant busyness, demands of others, expectations of performance while ignoring their needs you are planting weeds that grow into resentment.

Selfishness destroys relationships. It causes havoc in lives around you. It's the cause of marital or relationship breakdown, abuse and trauma. You will carry the life-long scars of trauma until you let God heal you within... then you will be healed, the pain will be gone, but the trauma will not be forgotten.

What heals relationships? It's selflessness! It simply means to live your life the way the Lord intended; less of me and more of You. It means that placing the needs of others before your own builds and restores relationships. It bring forth trust from others. Furthermore, when you model selflessness and trust, it brings forth the same in others towards you! You don't need to teach, just simply live and model your own life by living with the purpose of placing others before you! They cannot deal with you in the same way when you have changed, so they also need to adapt to the new, God-defined you!

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