91. Do Some Hurts Persist?

The roots of past trauma ; traumatic events, history, accidents of nature, diseases, war can truly affect the present. The hurts persist when the roots of the issues are ignored.

Sunny was a young woman from Africa in counselling. As time passed and Sunny grew more comfortable she began to ask questions pertinent to customs of this country. Sunny was surprised women have rights, accidents are legally reported to the police and abuse is reported and recognized, and the victim is supported. As months progressed Sunny revealed she endured gender mutilation at age 8 years. When she, much later, reported of having incestuous relationship with her father and four brothers the reality of the depth of her pain became more evident.

When Sunny realized what she was up against she chose to proceed with healing. Healing needs to be a choice a person works on. It's painful, slow and can be hard; taking off one trauma at a time. Healing is truly the choice of the hurt person.

What about you? Healing is not an easy road to follow and requires resilience and persistence. Yet, bitterness, contempt and condemnation of yourself or others occur without guidance. Sunny needed much support and healing to become what God created her to be. She made a choice to heal. While in counselling she was akin a giant onion preparing to be peeled one layer at a time. Each step she took was lovingly supported.

Do you have persistent reactions and hurts that don't go away? When hurts persist and are ignored or even suffocated, they turn to bitterness, contempt, negative reactions and offence. Choose to be an onion! Inner healing leads to steps the Creator planned you to take in His Creative powers. It never is too late and will lead to inner healing. You'll blossom like a flower!

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