87. There is No Joy. How Can I Fight for Joy To Come Into My Life?

Martha walked in without knocking, saw the seating arrangement and sat down, sighing heavily. She began immediately. Martha told about her frustrations with others in her building, the elevator not working, the laundry room being full of rude neighbors, the bugs inside her mattress and for not being taken seriously. She proceeded to explain of being disappointed during her buss ride; of the rudeness of fellow rides around her. Her monologue lasted an hour, for aside caring facial responses, not even a moment was given to verbally respond. Martha simply interrupted and continued, even louder.

Martha had no joy. She saw her life through the eyes of heavy self-sorrow and bitterness, that of a victim. Martha refused any and all efforts, actions or words to validate, normalize, encourage her positive actions or to speak into her situation. She wanted to be heard - even when her words were filled with resentment and contempt. That was the choice she made.

Pat carefully knocked on the door at her given time. Earlier, at a different event, I saw her speaking to a receptive and appreciate crowd. After witnessing her positive and strong presentation, where she carefully spoke of her horrendous past and the road she followed after her experiences, she spoke of needing to finish her recovery of her past abuse. Pat was ready, able and eager to proceed onward with healing. Pat heard of different approaches and chose the ones that she felt were the best for her healing. Those were her healthy choices she made

Are you a Martha or a Pat? It takes guts to choose to place joy in your life. How? It takes choosing to adopt the right attitude; for in the midst of challenges you need to invite trusted others in your life. During stressful events, you need to be heard, AND to hear and accept their feedback and love towards you. Healing occurs within a community of caring with the right heart attitude. You need to be able to sense the Creator, to share your sorrows through Him with your trusted friends and learn to know His voice, His love and His guidance towards you. That's when support provides the energy you need to function with joy, faith and trust in your inner self!

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