84. The Depth of My Love is Revealed by the Acknowledgement of My Power

When God appoints you to do something, He also anoints you for the task ahead. That's certainly not how (let's call her) Trish felt about being guided forward to return to school at age 50 years. She expressed to her Counsellor all her very own negative qualities; lonely, uneducated, divorced after a 20 year marriage, unfit and with no energy. The Counsellor's smile and encouragement simply annoyed her. She knew she was right. Trish was going to prove this to the Counsellor.

Little by little things changed. Trish knew, deep in her heart, where she needed to be in life. That was good enough. The Counsellor helped, thought at times in frustrating way to according to Trish, to see how much she is loved and how important the Father was to her.

Things changed for Trish through a dream she had. She dreamed she was lost in the forest, and needed to go to safety. It was across a raging river. She got very cold quickly and it started to rain and get dark. Trish was in a desperate state. She heard a man walking toward her. He walked beside her, encouraged her, and asked her to trust Him as they walked toward the flowing river. As they came near Trish realized this man was an angel. The angel then encouraged Trish to simply trust Him as He offered His wide shoulders for Trish to climb onto. The moment Trish climbed on those wide shoulders she was on the other side of the river - by herself. Trish was left in awe as she awoke. God specialized in this impossible task and made it possible in the power of His love. Trish was safe.

This dream changed Trish's belief system from doubt to trust. Trish learned that what seems impossible to us humans is possible with God. Luke 18:27 verifies "...The things which are impossible with men are possible with God." As Trish learned to trust, her life began to take a new and fresh direction. She began to trust the power and might of her Creator and was excited to share and even started to model her love to others in need. Trish experienced inner healing. She realized God can move mountains. Trish trusted.

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