83. Your Problems Have a Purpose

What kind of purpose do your problems serve? Do they exist just to annoy and slow you down? That's sure what it feels like for most of us! After getting irritated and grumpy over the problem I begin to search for the deeper purpose purpose through prayers. I know, and at times (!) acknowledge, nothing in my life will occur without the Fathers' approval. This knowledge makes the issue somehow more manageable.

It took a century to understand the reason my sister died in such violent circumstances; as a drug-addicted prostitute at age 24 years. Her passing altered many lives and made it clear how brokenness can lead to self-destruction. I understood the Father's purpose only when I achieved the maturity as well as the insight into the larger meaning and the purpose of how she died. Her passing led to a personal urge to understand the reason for her brokenness - which then enabled further understanding through the Lord. I saw her in a vision at night time after her passing. She told me she found the Lord and has forgiven our father. The second vision I saw was her loving her life, going down a roller-coaster in heaven, shrieking in giggles and laughter as she held onto a heavenly slurpee. Later, in another dream years later, I saw her doing it (going down the roller coaster) with my oldest brother, who just passed at age 60 years. Both siblings were delivered from the fiery furnace; my sister that of being used. They are protected, treasured, validated and loved for eternity.

Max Lucado prayed, in "Your Problems have a Purpose," February 24, 2019 "Heavenly Father, when problems and pain come my way, help me to remember that nothing comes into my life without your approval. Rather than complain and cry about the challenges I face, help me to consider them as opportunities to bring glory to you." It truly was difficult to look at this through the Fathers' eyes. Now, looking back, the last three of us siblings left are driven as we grew up early, received insight through the pain all of us shared, and received a high education to proceed in life. The motivation we shared was to understand brokenness. All of us completed in a different way. The purpose was to share our insight as we grew. What kind of problems have you overcome and been able to reflect upon?

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