80. How Can You Find God's Blessing in Brokenness?

She took short breaths in between sobbing. Her face was covered with her hands. She was leaning against the couch she was seated in. On the outside, nothing seemed to matter to her. Inside, her pain overwhelmed her senses, filled all her pores to capacity, drained her of energy and exhausted her. Yet it was rejuvenating all the same. She was in a safe place where she could cry and be understood, cared for and validated for her sorrow.

Anna's tears were cleansing tears. She was comfortable in expressing herself with sorrow and felt accepted and validated during the session. She was encouraged, prayed for and sensed her sorrow was not rushed, judged or minimized. She cried until there were no more tears left. She had realized she could not heal and recover with her own strength. She needed to rely on others. Healing floodgates were opened.

Pastor and Author Dr. Charles Stanley stated, in Devotionals Daily, February 28, 2019, "when we feel broken IN OUR BROKENNESS GOD SPEAKS TO US OF HIS GREAT LOVE." He uses brokenness to refine us. He is the strongest when we had reached the end of ourselves. Brokenness. Anna was there. You were there. I was there. Are you there now? Is someone you love and care for there?

A blessing from God is a gift that is intended for our benefit for the greater good God intends for us. Blessings are often hard to see. They come as we are molded for His bigger purpose. They are for our eternal benefit. Regarding brokenness someone stated 'when the nature strikes its fury, the sturdiest trees are found.' Through the storm strong trees remain standing. Their root systems provide the needed strength and protection. Would you like to be sturdier to withstand the brokenness that comes in your life?

The process of refinement is the same in our lives. God breaks us by layers; like peeling an onion. The most private and deepest things within ourselves often require cleansing. Only when they are healed or removed through Him can we lean on God's unlimited grace.

When we understand His grace, He blesses us by increasing our own understanding of what He is like. He leads us to see His suffering on the cross when we are broken. Our own brokenness allows us to understand this better through knowledge of how past can affect and alter the present. We are then able to have increased compassion for others.

Increased compassion for others leads us toward increased ability to enjoy life as Gods creations. His presence is all around us. It purifies and blesses us. We can rest in it. May we never outgrow His blessings!

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