76. R You Ready?

You have been readied, prepared for this next issue, stage, time or whatever it is. You are ready. It could be a move, a job change or loss, a promotion, graduation, marriage, divorce ... the list is endless. You are entering this stage with doubt, uncertainty and nervousness. You don't know what lies ahead. You are wondering whether you can handle it all. God knows. Unlike you, He is not surprised by this. Isaiah 41:10 states "Fear not, for I am with you; be not dismayed for I am your God. I will strengthen you, yes, I will help you, I will uphold you with My Righteous right hand." Will you trust Him to lead you the right way?

Often the turmoils of life give you a chance to get closer to the Father. You can connect and trust the Creator is there, knows you, is present and will guide the Holy Spirit to lead you to say the right words, act and do right, learn in the right manner and proceed in the way He intended. He is truly there for you; in you and through you - if and when you invite Him in. This invitation requires you to be willing. Nothing will stop God's plans! If you are unwilling, He will simply choose someone else.

When you are in turmoil over a decision, read the statement of Mary when she found out she was expecting, taken from The Seeds of Kingdom, January 2, 2019; "Ready to go, ready to wait, ready a gap to fill; ready for service, small or great, ready to do Your will. Ready to suffer grief and pain, ready to stand the test. Ready to stay at home and send others if He sends others if He sees the best. Ready to do, ready to bear, ready to watch and pray. Ready to stand aside and give, till He shall clears the way. Ready to speak, ready to think, ready with heart and brain. Ready to start when He sees fit, ready to share the strain. Ready to seek, ready to warn, ready o'er souls to yearn, ready in life, ready in death, ready for His return." Wow!

I read this statement numerous times with a mixture of feeling challenged, clarified of what was ahead and was more prepared to proceed onward with a deeper trust in Him for the upcoming unknown. It prepared me to have the trust to fulfill the challenges present.

What about you? Are you prayerfully prepared for what's to come? Support is here when you need it. My perspective was truly changes when I finally realized I would even be given the right words to say when I pray. I urge you to do the same when facing challenges. Please mark "like" if you liked this post and share.