72. Wait for God to Act. If you want the best, Listen and Fear with Trembling

Sheep are not exactly the smartest creatures. The Bible describes us humans as sheep - without a Shepherd. We are so often led to prideful stupidity and can only see it after the life-altering results of our own actions have taken their toll. Accidents, abuse, rejection, drugs/alcohol, separation, divorce, std's, abortion, wars ... the toll of our choices and lifestyles can be generational. Like sheep without a shepherd.

Even further, we are given freedom through the Father. Matthew 7:7 "Ask and it will be given onto you ... seek and you shall find, knock on the door and it shall be opened to you." We are promised, Matthew 7:8 "for everyone who asks receives, the one who seeks finds; and to the one who knocks the door will be opened." How do we use that freedom?

How is that possible, you may think, when crisis hits. When the month lasts longer than the paychecks, visits to the Doctors seem endless and you hurt and are scared of what's to come. For everyone who asks receives. Asking requires seeking. It requires patience. Most of all it requires trust and faith. Listening as your soul is screaming is hard.

Trust, faith and hope. When your are at the end of yourself, adopting the gesture of a simple sheep waiting for the Shepherd to save and guide will bring forth what you were looking for. For anyone who asks receives ... The simple task of listening is hard for many. Myself included. I had to learn the hard way - much like the dumb sheep you saw on the picture. Learning to truly listen and become blessed by the Holy Spirit's guidance was life altering. My life changed when I learned to trust in the Father. Yours can too.

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