71. Can God Use Your Enemy for His Glory?

In that family their enemy was alcohol. They married young, received a high level of education and began to fill their space with things money can buy. When that wasn't enough, alcohol became a close friend of theirs. Joy filled their lives for the years their children were small, active and their lovingly spoke of their experiences together as a family.

Things changed suddenly and drastically. Their teenage son Jason's, one and only trial with street drugs was fatal. In their grief they turned against one another and to alcohol. Consumption increased and they grew further apart. This led to brokenness.

As they screamed for their Lord in their anguish and brokenness in the months after the loss of their son, they noted and were connected with their son's friend (let's call him) Mark who survived the near fatal overdose of drugs. He was wheelchair bound, brain-damaged and alone. So very abandoned and alone. His greatest desire was for connection. Connection and acceptance. He was living a life he never fathomed could happen to him.

The grieving parents slowly became Marks friends. Then they became his surrogates. Little by little the parents became parent figures for him. They were the only family Mark had.

The family's enemy, drugs, was the life saving reality for Mark due to the connection that was created by the parents loss and grief. They even helped him find wheel-chair friendly living quarters. Mark found hope for himself. He called Jason's parents "mom and dad."

The enemy for the couple was the death of their son. Hope for the glory was found through the love the couple showed to Mark. They could only see it through their own pain. The deep pain in their lives was turned to help support Mark in his ability to move on. Mark lived on and was/is loved and understood by the couple. God used the enemy of alcohol/drugs to find meaning for the couple. The memory of Jason lived through Mark.

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