70. How Willing are you to Allow God to Shape You? The Worst Evil in Your Life Can Become the Great

Shaping hurts. Between the bruises, the soreness, the trials and the repetitions it's not easy. Letting God do His Divine task in you can be the toughest part to accept. His molding and shaping is life giving and yet hurts!

Imagine David. A young shepherd who learned how to be fit and healthy. With great aim he killed Goliath with a stone. This was followed later by Saul's jealousy and hatred. It shaped him to rely on the Lord and be courageous. The Lord protected him as Saul's hatred grew. Songs were written of David's skill: "Saul has slain his thousands and David his ten thousands, which increased Saul's hatred all the more. Saul finally died and David became the King. The bible is filled with similar stories of real life and history.

You have a story about shaping. It takes effort and much persistence, which builds resilience, to be shaped. Success takes effort. Shaping allowed Moses to build the trust, hope and faith to part the Red Sea. Faith gave the power for Abraham to take his only son Isaac to be sacrificed. You know the story.

All in all it's often hard to let go of evil done to you. Just finished staring at a picture of a man who allegedly was behind an international sex trafficking ring. The Lord reminded "vengeance is mine. I will repay." He always is, was and will be the King, the Creator and the I AM. The message was clear; fruits of your shaping happen in His timing and not mine. That's how the inner spirit is built.

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