68. Is Living at Your Home Peaceful? Do You Act Loving To the One You Love the Most?

You have had a busy day. You slept poorly, got in a little late and yet still managed to complete most of the planned tasks for the day. On your way back, some idiot driver cut you off and now you're reeling over it - or some rude words or gestures were exchanged in the process. It increased your stress. You are tired, grumpy, stressed and very trigger happy. Been there? I most certainly have.

When you finally return, home you are short and grumpy. You and your family are under attack. Don't fall into the hook of sounding resentful and pushing others away! You can stop it! How? Simply by anchoring into God's words, preparing emotionally the moments when you are weary and using His words instead of your own. I personally had to prepare for those moments that I might open my big mouth and caused hurt instead.

Teach yourself couple of anchors; when you are angry, only start talking by using the word "I." Never the word "you." Will begin an argument. Start talking by using "I feel" ... insert what ever you feel. Then continue with "when you" (or someone else). Then continue to say what you're going to do "as a result" ... "I felt frustrated when someone cut me off. As a result I need to spend five minutes on my own." Spend a few minutes just collecting yourself. Pray to anchor yourself in those quiet moments.

What this meant was you focused on bringing peace into yourself and modeled peace to the loved ones. You can do it through Him who created you and lives in you! 1 Corinthians 3:16 reminds "do you not know that you are the temple of God and that the spirit of God dwells in you?" I learned to simply lean on Him during those challenging moments. Please mark 'like' if your liked this post and share or connect! Bless your resilience!