67. Be Strong and Courageous. How Do You Live in the Solution?

Imagine being a Midianite soldier ready for war. You trained and are ready. There's an army of you there. You feel protected. God strips of 32 000 men; you are one of them, facing a battle of a different kind, left behind to face it. UGH! Are you going to act strong and courageous in the company of 300 men and against 20 000 men of war in the battle line?

This battle line was ready as they followed the Lord. They marched as per instructions, shouted and blew their horns. They chose to be strong and courageous and follow the leading of their King. They took up their positions and walked around the wall of Jericho for seven days. They didn't have to do any fighting for the wall fell down on the enemy and killed them. Vow. Just imagine! Imagine how they felt! Yet they focused on Him.

How can you live through, live in or be the solution? You certainly cannot on your own. You may have faced, are facing or will soon face a seemingly impossible challenges. Let God be the solution to the questions you cannot solve on your own! Let Him guide you to the answer for whatever you are facing.

Living in the solution meant for me to prayerfully listen to the still, small voice God provided. The waiting time was the most uncertain and frightening time in my life. God produced much of His deep work in and through me in this period of uncertainty. You can live in the solution by your trust, faith, hope and your love towards your Creator. He will make a way when there seems to be no way. That's the courage He is asking for you to possess. Bless you, courageous one!

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