65. Are Healing Miracles Going to Happen to You when you Pray? Lean on The King!

When you pray Matthew 6:9-13 "...Our Father who is in heaven Hallowed be Your name, Your Kingdom come on earth as it is in heaven. ... lead us not into temptation,..." What are you saying with your words? He is Hallowed, the King and leads you in the right way. You have a part to play in seeing and sharing the will of God in this world, for you are His hands and feet.

What's most important part of the prayer just discussed is the promise from the Father that the Kingdom is here; on earth. How did Jesus provide the miracles of feeding five thousand? He provided the miracle of multiplication AS His disciples served the food. His miracle involved the action, faith and trust of His people. This miracle involved action! Action can occur through you!!! Again about the hands and feet.

You see, the Father will do what you cannot do when you place your faith and trust in Him. The more you place your faith and trust in Him, the more you will see His influence. Let me tell you a personal story.

Many years ago I was stuck in an immediate life and death situation. My kayak rolled upside down in a raging river deep under a tree branch. I was stuck, under water and unable to come up for air. On top of it all, the wrap around for the attachment, which secured my seating and had a handle on it that allowed me to avoid having the kayak full of water, broke!!! Without the attachment handle I was unable to release myself from the kayak. I was stuck inside of it.

Impossible situation without air. An absolute deathtrap. I prayed a desperate prayer! An instant action was needed in that prayer. How much influence did the Father have? He sent an angel to pull the broken attachment off the kayak. This released me. I had been under water for a minute and was going to be unconscious in seconds. I still remember seeing the angel, how handsome he was (!) and taking that incredible, blessed breath of air.

The Father has influence over each of our lives. He loves to be in you when you place your trust and faith in Him. Your full faith and absolute trust!!! This could be your new commitment this year! Please mark 'like' if you like this post and share! Perhaps you have gone through an unforgettable situation and would like to share your experiences. Please connect if this is the case. Blessings!