63. Do People Connect With You Based on Your Strengths or Weaknesses?

Do you have friends who are there to support you when you are weak? How about friends who only show up when you are strong and exciting to be with? What about you? Are you there when your friend or someone needs you? The reality is it takes anointing to prophesy for someone and no anointing whatsoever to criticize them.

The word of our God has power in you. That is if you allow it to enter into your spirit. How do you invite it in? Simply by praying for it to come into your spirit. It is not earned. It is given to you by your faith. Being with someone who prophesies life into you is much more attractive, life-giving and appealing versus someone who criticizes.

We are in a time period to fight. The Lord is leading you and us all who are willing through His spirit. According to Acts 2:17-18 "and it shall come to pass in the last days, says God, that I will pour out my Spirit on all flesh; you sons and daughters shall prophesy, your young men shall see visions, your old men shall dream dreams." Doesn't much matter what you hear people around you say, for this is what the Bible says. The Creator has the final word.

People connect with you based on the special qualities you have that are appealing. Like an alcoholic attracted to another one due to the shared appeal for more alcohol, this quality is based on desires; in this example that of and for the alcohol. When it comes to strengths, through the love you have for the Father, you can model His love. Be Jesus for people who are looking for someone to model! Radiate His love. Care for people. Love others as you love yourself. Do good. Forgive. Be patient. Be humble and considerate. Compassionate. Those are the qualities people loved about Jesus. You can do the same.

You are invited to show your qualities of love, for that's what Jesus desires for us all. Blessings, warrior! You can do it through Him who strengthens you! Please 'like', share and connect through the Facebook for support or counselling.