58. Are You in a Battle? Be a Resilient Warrior!

My neighbor Sam (name is fictional, story is true) lived in an upper-class home. One morning when leaving for my early morning run I noticed her standing outside in her nightgown; sobbing. She told me her husband just passed away from cancer. Sam had a teenage son and her father and mother lived downstairs in a separate suite.

This began a fierce journey in Sam's life. Her mother also died couple of weeks later from cancer. Her father's grief turned to fierce anger and Sam forced him out. Following these two events, she could no longer financially maintain her son's Olympic dream; his intense training, the travel or the expenses involved. Her husband owned a company where her father had also worked. It went under in 18 months. She became an alcoholic and lost the expensive home and all of its equity(!). She spent the rest of her money on her addiction to many "lovers" in the bars or the Facebook. She gave readily and trusted for a return. There wasn't any. Her son left her. Sam is now somewhere; bitter, alcoholic and homeless; at least this point in her life. She lost the financial battle and herself in the process. The last contact and discussion with her evolved around finding rich men to date. Sam stated she was a believer and believed, despite countless discussions to the contrary, that God allowed her to have multiple sexual partners due to His love for her. Don't be a Sam!!!

The story you just read was about not following God's guidance. What kind of battle are you facing? Are you battling through finances, where the month lasts much longer than the money you have. Is it a battle of relationship; marriage, separation, divorce? Or that of abuse; domestic, alcohol or drug abuse or that of mental illness? Is it a spiritual battle? Many battles become just that when you are faced with easy lures that aren't right; easy sex, alcohol, gambling. The spiritual battle you are facing is to follow that narrow road. God is calling you to be strong in it! You, I, we all face it sooner or later. It's the resilience within you - and us all that allows to persist through difficult battles of life. 1 John 5:4 "For everyone born of God overcomes the world..." You will survive when you lean on the only one you can lean on for success! Just persist with hope, faith and trust a little longer!

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