53. God's 911

What or who is at the center of your heart? That's a big question to ask as an opening statement. Who or what maintains you? What strengthens you? What frightens you? All of us have ups and downs during out daily lives. It is the strength and resilience inside of you that matters. Matters to you as that's how you are seen to the Lord who created you. Psalm 91:1 reminds you; "He who dwells in the secret place of the Most High shall abide under the shadow of the Almighty." His love can heal your damaged emotions!

Are there love, peace, joy, hope, compassion, serenity, humility or kindness inside of your heart? We, as part of mankind, are faced with so much hurt, so many suddenlies; unexpected moments in our lives that can change our futures, even permanently. The challenge for us who have been hurt are to recognize the pain and the wounds of it and to go forward in our lives - and NOT having those hurts change or alter the way we treat others. Matthew 7:20 reminds "by their fruits you shall know them." Hurting people hurt people. Ouch! It's like that rock in your shoe that needs to be removed before you walk forward. Please, please remove that rock before it causes pain and for you to limp. It is much akin to what would happen with pain on the inside of your heart. From past events!

What is at the center of the bible? There are different answers, Psalm 118:8 is one of them "It is better to trust in the Lord than put confidence in the man." Psalm 118:21 ads "Blessed are all who fear the Lord." Regarding that pain in the center of your heart; you might have already decided you will never go to, past or over a pain you've had. Or you chose to avoid thinking of it. Or acting in any way that it will show. It will show! Your actions, conduct, expressions and behavior will show what's inside of you. Healing is possible through the one who created you, Luke 1:37 "for with God nothing will be impossible." Nothing.

Healing is fully your choice. You are the one that lives with the consequences of your choices. If the center of your heart is hurt, healing is like peeling one layer of an onion skin. One peel at a time. As you slowly release the layers you begin to feel worthy; validated, listened to, cared for, encouraged and loved. There cannot be shortcuts without affect. Another peel. You can stop letting the scars affect your life, surroundings and your behavior by releasing them through the safety of counselling! Please connect for a private session through the website or the Facebook. Blessing for your journey!