52. Your Words Matter, Psalm 91 personalized

Are you important? Are you loved; at home, in your workplace - as a parent, friend, companion or a spouse? Those are questions you might ponder with. This happens especially when you have been hurt or minimized in the past. Our Pastor spoke lovingly and eloquently about Psalm 91. This is a much simplified and personalized rendition with loose sequence of the verses. Psalm 91 promises when you live in the Father you will be protected. He is the one who shelters and protects you. He invites you to find a hiding place, in Him, from the terrors you experience. He will protect you day and night. He will be there for you. In Him you can trust. In Him!

Others may be hurt but you will be safe. You will be safe because you chose to be in Him. His truth shields you. You will see what happens to those who do not believe in the King. Because you fully chose to follow the Father the Creator and all His words, your health will remain. That means every step of the way! The angels will protect you from being hurt. The dangers around you will not stop you from your path. With His protection, you will step on them instead. You will overcome! He is your hiding place and your shelter from the harm. Your home and surroundings will receive protection.

Because of your love and knowledge of the Father, He will take you and place you high, He will answer you and honor you. He will be with you in trouble. You will even trample over the challenges liken to cobra and the lion! The Creator will satisfy you and redeem you. He loves you and you know His name.

This sounds like a massive promise; yet it is so simple. Matthew 7:7-9 "Ask, and it will be given to you; seek, and you will find; knock, and it will be opened to you. For everyone who asks receives, and he who seeks finds, and to him who knocks it will be opened." You are that important to God. He loves you despite all you have done or gone through. Just ask.

Yes, God has seen every hurt, mistake you have made, thought you have had. All of them. He still loves you. Let that soak deep into you. Into every ounce of your being. He loves you. Please share, mark 'like' if you liked the blog and contact for counselling. Bless you!