50. How do You Recover from Your Hurts?

Do you or can you ever fully recover from the pain of past hurts; adverse childhood experiences - or those experiences you cannot leave behind? There might be physical injuries that became permanent. There can be scars and parts of you that no longer work. Much bigger are the parts no one can see. How do you ever deal with those emotional past scars that are now part of you? The scars you see or the memories you hold from that season or event?

Did you get lost in thought over past memories? If this was part of your experience, please go back to read the blogs written in July 2017. You could read the blog called Adverse Childhood Experiences, ACEs, to increase your understanding of the life-long implications that occur out of your past traumas. Understanding the mammoth effects of having a painful past allows you to do something about it.

There is a part of us all that reacts out of hurt; hurting people hurt people! Many of us have blindfolds on ourselves when it comes to understand how others are affected by our hurts. You could be seen in a positive or negative way. You may hurt others because of your past hurts. The time and place will come to each one affected by ACEs. Opening up about your pain to a trusted friend or a Counsellor who can and understand the trauma enables recognition, empathy and inner healing to begin. Being validated allows you to begin to peel the layers of your past. This lessens your implosion - or explosion when stressed!

This blog is intended to ponder how to go forward in life through - and despite the past hurts. During a painful time in my personal life, I was given supportive encouragement to volunteer - with people who were hurt - after being hurt myself. The encouragement was wisdom-filled. At that time I didn't understand it. When I proceeded onward with volunteering I begin to have just little drops of confidence and strength return. Just little drops. It was through serving the hurting that I began to heal. I learned to look for and love the overlooked. I was nervous about it. Psalm 51:15 states "O Lord, open my lips, and my mouth shall show forth your praise." When the words out of my mouth were loving, caring and understanding, they were noticed. More drops of confidence. When 'a white flag' was waved and the hurting were invited to eat, more drops of confidence fell down. Smiles and gratitude brought more drops. My confidence began to increase. You can do so too when you do something good for others! The Father showed me how in Philippians 4:13 "I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me."

Volunteering to assist the hurt is wonderful tool to begin to heal yourself. Serve one another and you will be strengthened and healed encourages the Bible in countless verses. Serving allows a restoration and recovery for yourself to continue in a healthy and wholesome manner. You will receive gratitude, validation, and be recognized and appreciated for your time and efforts. Blessings, warrior, on your journey to wholeness!

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