43. How to Turn Your Mess Into a Message

I have lived through many messes in my life. My challenge as a small child was how I could find words to say for the bad things happening around me. No one wanted to hear me. I had no idea what happened was okay or not. It sure felt wrong, and I was hurt and scared. When I tried again at grade one to explain to other six-year old children (!) what I saw and what was done I was not believed. How could they understand? No adult ever asked questions and my vocabulary was too limited. Have you been there, stuck and confused, in any stage of your life? Different world; new language, customs, continent, country, province, city, neighborhood and people with you? Perhaps it was war or internal or family conflict you lived through.

What I learned much later in life was how my experiences revealed my purpose. I had a choice to make as to the past; I could become a victim, which did make me bitter, withdrawn and resentful for a time. There was another, better choice. Through support, I chose to open up about my own experiences, become healed and to make the past mess into a message. Message of that of an over-comer. I had an internal light that led me. Psalm 119:105 guided,"Your word is a lamp to my feet and a light to my path." I was led to something and to someone who validated, encouraged,loved and modeled loving actions. The more I healed and shared, the more interest there were; interest of others who learned or had similar stories to share. Their stories often revealed great pain - which can change to a great gain within. Perhaps you can relate and have a story to share. If you choose to follow the Father's leading, the pain you feel can change into a great growth deep within you.

Are you hurting? It can take time to heal. I understand that too. God created you, knows about your journey; what you left behind, and what you have ahead. He is with you. If you are hurting, ask Him what it was like to see you hurting. I have. The Holy Spirit took me on a journey of inner visions that lasted for months. You may want to ask for the revelation to see where He was during each instance and how He grieved for you. You see, God gave everyone a choice to be in or against Him. God will not lie. If you were hurt, it wasn't from God. God will never hurt you. People will. God knows all of our pain and is in it for us all.

Rick Warren, a Pastor of the Saddleback Church in the US, stated in his blog of the acronym "SHAPE, which reveals your purpose." 'S' is for spiritual gifts, 'H' reveals your heart, 'A' stands for abilities, 'P' for personality, and 'E' for experiences. He urged to "learn to recognize God's voice," as this determines your significance. He urges to search for the spiritual gifts within you and to pray for the cleansing of your heart. I pray daily to receive a clean heart in order to go forward in the abilities the Lord has given me, to model the personality of an over-comer and to bring forth a message, through Him, of the mess I lived through. You too can do it if you so choose! You can search for your SHAPE!

God resists the proud but gives grace to the humble is what you learned through the Bible. Would you like to receive grace from the King? Ephesians 2:8 "For by grace you have been saved through faith, and that not of yourselves". You are not saved by your good deeds. You are saved by His grace. You can invite and allow His grace to flow through you. God

can only do it upon your acceptance of His healing power into your heart. God is for you!

Often it is important to reveal how you are hurt before going on this journey. Sharing your pain with someone relieves it and allows you to find a voice again. Support is here as well. Just go through the Facebook for confidential Skype counselling. Blessings, Warrior!