36. How do you rebound from Trauma?

Loss, illness, death, accidents, war, abuse; sexual abuse or assault, torture ... Can you ever recover from it? Healing is a choice you can make for yourself. It will affect generations to come. Hurting people hurt people. Loving people love people.

Trauma. It's such a well used word. There are so many different kinds. Murders, killings, wars and accidents always crab our attention. Trauma can be a huge reality for many. Recovery may or may not happen. Effects can leave massive scars; physical and emotional and can have life-altering effects. The worst part is the reality when all the physical healing is completed, the emotional scars remain. Those effects can be life-lasting.

Years ago when grocery shopping I run into a lady I knew. She was crying. Her tears were those of agony and rage as she spewed out her anger, hurt and trauma - from long ago. She was enraged, traumatized, bitter and so very alone. She saw men around her as enemy. The effects of her trauma remained evident in her. She never let go!

My son is a rock climber. The height invigorates and challenges him and provides a rebound from the challenges in his work as an Emergency Medical Technician. That is his way to release effects of stress from his life. He is a confident young man who chooses to release and rebound from what he sees by heavy physical excursion. He is doing something he loves. He seems joyful and happy. He is showing with his life style that happiness has nothing to do with circumstances around him or what he sees, deals with and treats. Happiness is a choice for him. Understanding the crucial importance of rebounding from the trauma he sees at work allows me to respect and honor his dangerous sport. He lets go!

Trauma. Bitterness. Been there. What about you? I felt the bitter taste of fear and resentment. Wanted to make someone pay - for what? God became the quiet voice, the guiding post to healing, to allowing myself to open up and share my life experiences. Healing occurred inch by inch, step by step. Two steps forward, one step back. ... It wasn't easy. Often it was downright awful, painful; I cried many, bitter tears. Little by little I healed. So will you when you choose to take the narrow path the Holy Spirit leads you to. Your healing will happen if you choose to do so. Then, and only then can you model your overcoming to others. Bless you, resilient Warrior! Is there an easier way? Wish there was.

God can truly be the Divine Director for releasing you from the traumas you have experienced or are currently living through. With Him at your helm the release and healing from trauma can be done. He was the one who was nailed to the cross in a horrific fashion, and He was wounded and punished for our sins and left hanging to die a tortured death. He felt the trauma, which He knew of beforehand, Isaiah 53:5, NKJV.

God knows about your trauma. Your trauma experience can be excruciatingly painful and be an incredible challenge to overcome. It requires determination, perseverance and trust. Healing from trauma occurs with support and love around you. Healing is the choice of an over-comer! Help is there if you need it. May I repeat, help is available! There are many resilient warriors and you can be one of them! You can do it!

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