26. What does the word hope mean to you?

What does the word hope mean for you? Is it a positive word? Perhaps it is about uncertainty mixed with hope for the issue to be healed, solved, released, fixed; you can add whatever adjective that fits you. Hope for a better weather, drive, day etc. The word hope might also mean of hoping to avoid aggression, abuse, a panic attack or other symptoms from developing. When this is the case, support is needed in order to heal. Please follow the main link and connect to speak in privacy and confidence. You are not alone!

Hope is difficulty to hold onto when your world is upside down. Yet that is exactly when it is the most important and needed! Hope allows you to live and function in the unknown. Faith, in the unknown and unseen Creator God, allows you to choose hope. When you believe in the Creator then you can have faith in Him and hope through His Divine Ability to change whatever is needed. It boils down to your choice again.

What does the word hope mean for a believer? Hope is a confidence that something WILL happen because God promised it to happen. It is as simple as that. You do not know when it will come to pass. Faith in the Lord allows you to hope for the future promise made by God. What does that mean? It means to choose to faithfully and trust every word God says is true. God does not change His mind. It will happen just like He said it would, in His timing. All you need is a faith of a mustard seed to go forward in Him. Mustard seeds are very little in size but plants grow tremendously large when nourished.

When your future is not secured by God then you will strive and become anxious. This anxiety results in paralyzing fear or in self-managed control of yourself. You end up thinking about yourself, your future, your problems and your potential. Pride moves in. This attitude brings in judgement and bitterness and stops love. Just look around you and you can see narcissistic, self-loving behavior all around you. You can, through belief, choose to have faith in the unknown future which brings hope. You can model overcoming obstacles in order to bring forth healing for your loved ones as well. Blessing, beautiful warrior!