28. Listening to the voice of the Father

Who do you listen to? Whose voice do you hear? Is it an inner voice of encouragement and assurance? Is it an inner voice of self-doubt and lack of belief in yourself? Is it a voice or control of someone else whose guidance you follow?

For many the voices we hear and follow is something that we are accustomed to and have resonated through our lives, through our growing-up years. You may be reminded of the parent or a caregiver who loves or loved you and guided you forward. What a joy it is to have good memories! For some, it is a voice of reactive anger, threats and fear. Someone else may have a memory of a slurred speech and unsteady gait while living with the smell of a caregiver'a addiction to substances.

The memories may be loving, encouraging and kind or it can be those of abuse and trauma. What, then, is the voice of the Father? The Father will provide gentle, loving reassurance and guidance. Is it the voice which came through a school teacher for you? Is it a voice of a parent or loved one? If it was good, hold onto it. If it hurt you can make a conscious choice to let go it go. Instead, you can choose to focus on the quiet and passionate love of the Father in the midst of a pain-filled memory. Just remember, the Creator gave us a choice to live according how we, as humans, wanted and promised to honor those choices - regardless of the consequences following. If you were hurt or in pain it was due to human choices and never, ever in the plans of the Lord! If this is an issue for you, you can choose to find a quiet place and follow the guidance to inner healing described in the next paragraph.

Begin by selecting a quiet, peaceful location without interruptions. Pray for covering for yourself. Focus on gratitude for where you are at on personal level. Prayerfully return to the painful memory. Ask for covering through the Lord for each image you receive. Do not doubt yourself, just trust Him to see you through. When you see, hear, feel or sense an image ask where the Angel is at in the image and what is was like through His eyes. Ask Him how He protected you. He could allow you to understand you remained sane or could show you of the Angels preventing you from getting hurt further. He may show you where the Angels were. Pray through the images and repeat this encounter until release and relief, through inner healing, has occurred. This may take several encounters.

Please connect and update through the website with any questions or comments. Wish you strength, deepened connection and inner healing through the King or Kings!

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