23. Down in the dumps?

We all have been there at times. When the days seem busy, you are rushed and feel often pushed to the limit. You might be broke with increasing debt. You are lonely. You feel disconnected. No one understands. You put on a brave face, confident tone of voice and tell others you are 'just great!' That is not how you feel at all! In between the busyness; while driving or traveling - or through the time alone there is an emptiness you are saddened to find yourself in.

The emotional way to deal with it is to share your hurts by self-criticism or by reacting to others in a negative way. Have you heard the saying 'hurt people ... hurt people? Great example of this is the emotions drivers feel when cut off by another driver. Been there?

Being able to share your feelings with someone is invaluable. Choosing to focus on positive parts of your life; like seeing glass of water half-full instead of half-empty. What this has meant to me during those times is choosing to focus on accomplishments instead of failures. Be honest with yourself. Many people in the bible; Peter being a good example, spoke in lies and dishonesty (Matthew 26: 69-74). Peter denied and disowned Jesus. Jesus asked him, after His resurrection, whether Peter loved Jesus. Three times (John 21:15-17)! Three times Peter was reassured, restored and poignantly forgiven after denying Jesus. He taught us all to do the same. Forgiven, restored and loved.

There is another choice and that is to respond intellectually denying the emotions present. This is like putting rocks in a glass bottle, which depicts you and letting them just sit there. The glass itself will not absorb any parts of the rocks. When this happens often enough, the glass gets heavy, full and shatters. This means that the quiet intellectual part of you has had enough suddenly, becomes enraged and scares others away. This can lead to outward aggression and to more self-condemnation. The end results are often devastating in your life and those you live with or are somehow connected to.

Withdrawing from others often occurs. This, again, leads to self-condemnation and increased doubt. Feelings come forward in our actions, expressions and words.

Everyone struggles with loneliness at some point in their lives. Deuteronomy 31:6 states "be strong and courageous. Do not be afraid or terrified because of them, for the Lord your God goes with you; he sill never leave you nor forsake you." You or I - we all have a choice to make in terms of how to react or to respond to various instances. Choosing to respond with caring restores us the way Jesus restored Peter.

If you are there or would like to have someone to talk to in a confident and private manner, please go to the main page and connect. The first consultation is complimentary to see whether this is a good it for you. Blessings!