22. Love is a Choice?

Each one of us faces daily choices as to how to respond to life's events. Those decisions display and define our personality.

I become aware of my accountability, and the defining choices I make in unexpected situations. I can see this when I'm cut off by another driver while rushing to or from an event. I recognize the parts of myself that continue to have much growing up to do.

It's difficult to act like an adult without letting the frustrated roar (and more out). Been there? Yet the driver of the car cutting me off might be equally stressed and rushing to their destination.

My instantaneous reaction demonstrates the choices I make, and after reflecting on my previous infantile responses, I make a conscious decision next time this happens to respond instead of reacting. Instead, I choose to use kinder words that I have memorized earlier instead of reactive accusations.

Remaining at peace can indeed be challenging at times!

Joy is another choice to make. Joy is intertwined with faith and trust. Joy becomes a challenge when I face an aggressive client or a challenging event. Joy exists deep within, and my deepest desire is to choose it! The task then becomes to manifest that joy in the challenging situations that I face, and when I remain positive in challenging situations the outcome is always much different.

I have had times in my life when hope has been difficult to find when facing some of life's obstacles. A tragedy or death, a devastating accident with permanent injuries, a car accident; instances like this have brought me much grief. Like others, I have somehow survived these worst times and found the strength to continue. It takes a conscious choice to focus on what's there instead of what's lost. It takes strength, determination and perseverance to overcome. This power to survive comes through the Holy Spirit and is within us all.

Being serene without pride pushing in takes a choice deep within me. Again, it's a choice to be humble and to accept I can be incorrect. It's a choice to be generous with my time, ability to listen and to be able to model empathy. I often feel I'm back in the kindergarten stage, as my selfish parts want to take what's mine!

It takes determination and faith to proceed with fruits of the spirit. Rewards of doing so are indescribable as they allow inner peace to move in.

What are the fruits of the Holy Spirit living within us? They are love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, gentleness, faithfulness, and self-control. Moving in the Holy Spirit and making a choice to live this way, allows the love of the Lord to be evident in your life - both in heaven and on earth!

Bless you, in your perseverance and determination to go forward on this road of life! Please connect with me on my website with any questions, comments or if you would like to talk.