19. The Real You

What are you really like? That's a difficult question to answer as you may have so many different roles and expectations to fulfill in your life. Unfortunately, there is often much judgement given when you don't meet others expectations. What are you really like inside? Who or what do you seek when you are in crisis?

Are you conscious of who you are and how you act? How often do you ask your trusted friends and loved ones how they perceive you? How well do you listen to their answers?

It's important to be aware how you behave. Without knowledge, your actions can actually become damaging or even dangerous to others. Your (mine and everyone else's) responsibility is to examine yourself and your life, and for that responsibility to be shown in your feelings, actions and behavior. You can judge others and, yet, still have little knowledge or awareness of how you project yourself. How would you like to be seen? How do you act and who do you seek when you are lonely, angry, fearful or in crisis?

I have been there. I was there as a teenager facing obstacles advancing my education, as a mother of three facing financial challenges and illness, and as a businesswoman facing trials. I relied on my faith, as well as loved ones around me to survive. I was changed, shaped and reformed for the better. It was a painful experience - much like being on a potter's wheel. I didn't like it! I needed support and received it. It was faith that brought forth my hope for a better future.

During challenges, one of the sentences that stuck was "Hope is essential. Optimism is positive thinking. Hope is passionate trusting." When I questioned and complained, I was assured "your salvation is no accident. Long before you chose God, he chose you. Before God even created the universe, he decided he wanted to create you." (Pastor Rick Warren, Elijah List)

What do obstacles have to do with who you are? If you allow them to, obstacles in your life will shape you! They help you to become who you were created to be! They allow you to choose faith, which in turn gives you hope for the future. Challenges humble you. They often painful, humbling and are not welcomed, yet they develop your core strengths.

If you need support and help to overcome some of your life challenges, please connect with me on my website's homepage. It's a confidential, safe and convenient way forward in your journey of healing.