There has been plenty of discussion about boundaries. Boundaries are our property lines. They are property lines regarding how we want to be seen, treated, talked with and listened to. They represent who we are, what we are and what we are not. They define the who, what, where, when, and how our responsibilities lie. They give us the freedom to be ourselves. Boundaries enable us to create the dignity to be the person God created us to be! We are not responsible for someone else.

In essence, boundaries allow us to choose what to keep in and what to stay out. They keep us grounded. Boundaries don't mean we erect walls around ourselves. They are the lines we have chosen for our personal and individual responsibility. Our accountability keeps good things coming in and hurtful things from entering into our defined lives.

Individuals who have suffered abuse are often unable to define or acknowledge the function of their boundaries or where their limits are set. They lack belief in themselves. They learned early on in their lives their property lines were out of their control. Often their boundary lines were previously, often repeatedly, violated. Sadly, abuse, poverty or neglect continues as this was a known way to live. These blurred and undefined lines enable violations to occur at many levels.

God has created clearly defined, unchanging boundaries for us. Living within these boundaries enables us all to celebrate the freedom He gave us as His loved and celebrated creations!

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